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Is Massage Therapy A Recommended Career For Men? 

July 11, 2024BY AIPA ( 0 ) Comment

For male, the psychology of being a therapist can be a challenging career.

Forget a myth  that only women do better in holistic therapy sector.

As a spa trainer, most of the male students I have trained are confident and being employed in the five-star spa property, today. This early year, I have met three spa managers, from different five-star and boutique hotels, and all of them are male, and highly knowledgeable. Therefore, I can say there are lots of opportunities for male/men to grow and secure a promising career as a massage therapist.

The #1 question people have been asking that “receiving a massage from male therapist is not comforting for me, as a man”. Because most male clients do not prefer male therapist. Due to that preference it is hard for male therapist getting clients in a professional setting.

As you see in the sports sector, most of the therapist are male. This sends a new career signal if you are reading this.

My answer is simple.

First of all ,having massage skills is one of the high demanding skillset today. The students graduated from AIPA have never had issues with the employment. In fact, at the heritage spa, our male therapist has loyal customers for the routine Deep Tissue Massage and Thai massage.

Secondly, male have strong physique. And due to this built, with the right posture, male therapist can apply strong pressure to the muscles, to the deep layer of muscles using thumbs, knuckles and forearms. With the right posture, male therapist can deliver up to 2 hours, efficiently, without a break – you’ll need a mentor who can guide you on correct massage techniques. The per day session can go up to 4-5 clients per day.

“I would say, Male massage therapists are generally good at applying pressure to deep-tissue muscles”

Third, at AIPA, we have a record of male students, who are above 50 years old. They enrolled and certified with Swedish Massage. Even female student who is above 50 years old, graduated with the certificate in Swedish Facial Treatment.

They have their own agendas in learning. But I as a spa trainer, I appreciate their passion and patience.

This qualification is right for you Certificate-III in Massage Therapy

The top priority for male is to Consider the followings:

  1. Professional Attitude.
    Introduce yourself as a therapist and tell them you can take care of back pain, muscle pain and can provide stress relieving massage. Your ethical approach will work on any gender or age. Prove them that you have healing hands. Your professional attitude will sure to heal 20% stress level of your client, before even start.

  2. Positive communication
    Ensure positivity around you. Maintain how you present. The first 5 words of your speech is very important to create positive energies around your client. If you are guided by the receptionist, ensure your visiting clients that they are in safe hands. In other words, never make anyone feel uncomfortable around you.

    Mr. Ramesh is now serving as a spa manager abroad
  3. Professional Spa Setting
    Build your spa setting such a way that everyone would feel that this looks family-friendly. In my personal experience clients would feel 50% relieved by the natural bright light reception area. They could pre-imagine how is their spa journey going to be – that’s the impression. Offer herbal tea to relax them for a minute. So that you can ask and your client can express their intention of visit. Both can understand each others psychology properly – it is very important.

In rooms, make sure you have a comfortable beds, clean linens, pure oil, dry surface, clean bathrooms and aromatic, soft, musical ambience.

I am the only one who have been telling this to everyone i networked with.

“In each family, one person should be a therapist”.

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