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Become A Qualified Massage Therapist.

This course is ideal for passionate massage therapists and graduating hospitality students.

This program consists 80% practical and 20% theoretical sessions to perform massage treatments effectively.

Advanced Level Certificate III-in Massage Therapy 24 days | 3hrs/day NRs. 67500/-

What Will You Learn in this Certificate-III in Massage Therapy Course ?

Lesson 1: Swedish Massage

Learn the principles and techniques of Swedish Massage, a relaxing and soft method massaging methodology suitable for all age groups. Swedish massage is a kindergarten level; a compulsory basic massage technique.

Techniques Covered

  • Effleurage: Smooth, gliding strokes to warm up the muscles
  • Petrissage: Kneading motions to release muscle tension.
  • Vibration: Gentle shaking movements to soothe and relax.
  • Friction: Deep, circular movements to break up adhesions.
  • Tapotement: Rhythmic tapping to invigorate and stimulate.

(See Swedish Body Massage Course)


Lesson 2 : Deep Tissue Massage

This lesson consists of advanced techniques aimed for athletes and individuals with chronic pain or specific muscular issues. You will learn how to use the forearm, elbow, and knuckles to help release stiffness in muscles.

Techniques Covered

  • Deep pressure massage application using forearm, elbow, and knuckles.
  • Targeting the fascia and deeper muscle layers.
  • Addressing common problem areas like lower back tightness and sore shoulders through warm-up session and client consultation

Additionally, you will be learning to address common problem areas like lower back tightness and sore shoulders by examining the anatomy and client consultation.


Lesson 3 : Ayurvedic Body Massage

Performing medium pressure with the thumb mostly focusing on spine areas. Helpful for everyone.

Here Are The Outcomes After The Course Completion :

  • Junior Massage Therapist
  • Massage Executive
  • Assistant Massage Therapist

Who Is This Course For?

  • Ideal for entry level tourism & hospitality students or graduating students
  • Passionate professionals who seek to enter the world of spa industry
  • Spa executives and spa attendants who aim to upgrade their skill to become a massage therapist
  • Beauticians seeking to expand their business by adding massage therapy services in their Salons (watch this student testimonial for your reference)


  • Minimum SEE with basic English can apply.
  • Passion in Health & Wellness Industry.

Course Format

  • 1 Trainer = 4 Students
  • Duration: 24 days | 3 hours per day.
  • Mode: In-person | Classroom | 90% Class Attendance Mandatory
  • Assessment: Personal Observation, Q&A, Exam, and Practical Demonstrations.

Course Level


Candidates may be required to apply for On-the-Job (OJT) or internship.

You will receive the minimum level of proficiency that allow you to pass an employment test.

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