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5 Tips to Get Promotion In Your Spa Therapist Job.

June 6, 2024BY AIPA

I know many therapists willing to upgrade their job position after two years of involvement.

In a meeting, a therapist told me that if she doesn’t get promoted within next month, she’ll look for another job.

I replied, Nonsense.

Perhaps,  she was scaring herself. I can’t advice against the commitments she has now for the company. Because spa managers and directors are already credible for their time investment on staffs. They spend 9-5 working, just like you. Instead, I suggested to recount her successful time in her spa company.

So, here i am sharing 5 points to consider to get promoted.

1. Thank Yourself That You Have Your Current Job.

Your job is you (even you’ve started your own). You fought with other candidates for it. The weight of your position now is like a “Fuel” that will keep you get-going in your everyday life.

Your job buys-in your dreams and, your lifestyle. And you should be thankful to yourself for having it fulfilling your responsibility.

Most of the spa therapist already have earned the respect of guests who are returning  back to book the service with them. Means, therapist are winning in their job.

Imagine the feeling when you see your dentist and learn how he consults with their warm-heart and asks you to visit next time. How thankful would you be for dentist’s best customer service. You trust, right? Similarly, as a therapist, behave your new customers as if they are returning again. Show-up with warm hospitality and perform professionally. You are about to win them.

Without a job, you will be out there with a thirst all your time trying to find a better place rather spending quality time in your current role. Therefore, the more customer base you build in person, the more you learn to organize, job promotion is likely.

2. Full-fill Your Obligation And Delegate

Yes, the major advantage of a job is to fulfill your daily priorities. Your customer needs treatment, relaxing environment, pain relief,  stress minimized. As a therapist you got all the powers to solve their wellness issues.

Remember when you’ve customer-success list, and you realize that you have  treated their pain and stress related issues; you you got to inform it to your seniors. They can be your managers, supervisor, or department head. Just delegate your success stories  while having tea together or as you are in a regular meeting.

The first impression your seniors get is that you are performing impressive, and this hint is recorded in your personal performance

Sooner or later promotion is likely.

3. Focus On Your Daily Action.

Successful spa directors are consistent in actions taken in a daily basis. They are also considerate on other daily actions. It is not enough for you as a spa therapist to follow daily routine. Focus on your spa directors daily action. Find out what they need in order to promote their product or spa services or additional routines. Provoke your thought-process in order to achieve your director’s monthly targets.

Helping them in their crucial time will leave you with an impression of being helpful.

Your director might count you in their next action. That’s how you get promoted next

4. Find A Mentor

Yes, find a mentor. A mentor who is also a leader.

Why do you need a mentor? Because you can outsource intelligence. You can run ideas by being in their shoes. Mentors can predict your future by their industry experience. You might improve your thought process on becoming the next leader in your spa.

Use mentor’s recommendations as a trigger to motivate yourself to operate at a top level.

Because being able to perform smartly makes you a smart individuals.Know what, your director needs smart people, always.

5. Use Your Skill As A Tool

Do you know something! Spa therapists are special people. If you are a spa therapist you are a kind of special too. Do you know Effleurage, Petrissage or Pressure Points? Then, you hold skill-sets. And, you as a therapist accomplish your daily life by using these skills as a tool. Unlike mechanics, they will need tools to fix something.

Your tool is your skill, your magical touch comes from years of experience, the knowledge of essential oils, and the massage strokes you apply; can fix any chronic pains, stiff muscles or say, you can drain body toxins.

Be best at it, so that others promote you as a special person. Feel great that you’ve years of experience as a spa therapist.

If you are a therapist and based in Kathmandu, or visiting here, do meet me or write me.

Reena Shrestha.
Find me at AIPA (Spa Academy)as a Spa Trainer.