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Success Story of Dibya Maharjan


Mr. Dibya Maharjan, a karate passionate, graduated from the AIPA in the year of August, 2011. He’s still a Karate instructor in one of the privately-run school, and works part-time there. After Diploma graduation, he became a very active spa therapist at Heritage Spa.

Now, for the sake of the perspective students, AIPA like to portray Mr. Dibya’s as a successful candidate in the spa industry. We took few hours of time on 30th January, 2014 and asked the following questions to cover his successful career.

Q: How did you enter the spa industry?


On the job training at Heritage Spa

A: I always believed in hands-on-skill. And I already completed my Karate training to the point where I think I have enough knowledge to train small children. One of my cousins discussed about therapeutic training to move ahead with special skill, and here I found AIPA as my training provider to begin my new career.

The moment I finished whatever I learnt at AIPA, I used to offer massage to my Karate students who have had muscles spasm and body pain. As a result, few students came forward and explained that the massage I performed really helped to release their pain and got relieved whole night. That is how my interest begun, treating pains and getting really appreciated for my massage performed.

Q: What courses you took on?
A: I was qualified for Diploma Course, after few hours of career consulting with Ms. Reena, which was really fruitful. Her Advice made me enroll for six months full-time course. And I have no regrets for my decision..

Q: How long has it been learning and working in Heritage Spa and as a Karate Trainer?
A: As a Karate Trainer, it’s been like more than six years with the school. But with the Heritage Spa, it’s been almost three years, and I am really having a rewarding career herewith. Being a therapist is still considered as “not acceptable job” here in our own community. But it’s a skill, how can I ignore this profession, where I could learn and apply therapeutic treatments to the various groups of clients. My skill is still effective for those who are really in the stress, who has long-term or short term chronic pain, insomnia, and so on. I received “Thanks” on many occasions. That is why I say it’s rewarding. You should learn this skill too.

Q: How is your working experience in both of the sectors?
A: Karate is always my passion. It really helped in my childhood to get recognition as a teacher. But one has to move forward, keeping passion together. But as a spa therapist, it has opened up new doors of opportunity. From resorts, five star spas, I am getting good handsome offers. So I think, being a spa therapist it gave me various opportunities that I can choose, and I had never thought that this skill would be so fruitful.

Q: Are you satisfied with the spa training and as a spa therapist?


Posing photo after successful employment

A: As I have already mentioned, yes I am very satisfied person. Kids around my community know me as a karate trainer but as a therapist I am endorsed to many entrepreneurs as well. My current employer, Heritage Spa, has an open policy to communicate frankly with everyone. This helped me to discuss on clients pain problem to the job offered by them. On top of that, my work responsibility has increased to look after certain management department at Heritage. So, yes I am equally happy as a therapist. And I think I seek a better career in the future with Heritage Spa. I follow my employer’s future mission.

Q: Explain your Learning experience at AIPA.
A: By now, you should have understood my experience and how I am improving my career. AIPA is very interesting place to learn. Less note-copy based and more practical approach. AIPA has a limited enrollment policy, six students at a time. And this explains a lot of quality education. I think the management is very flexible in terms of education and job placement.

Q: How AIPA and Heritage Spa have affected you personally?
A: Personally, I feel very happy and excited to work on the spa industry. It is not a popular industry but an emerging one. And it has brought me to the state of making the industry grow along myself.

Therefore, AIPA is glad to endorse Mr. Dibya for his career advancement. Thank you for reading our blog.
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