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What's AIPA's teaching methodology ?
  • We are focus on 80% of practical skill and 20% of theoretical approach. Means less note-copy based and more hands-on practice. You will also be instructed hands-on skills that employers seek as well as basic theoretical knowledge of Human Anatomy and Physiology.
  • You will also be instructed hands-on skills that employers seek as well as basic theoretical knowledge of Human Anatomy and Physiology.
Who is appointed as an instructor for Diploma ?
  • Our Principal, Ms. Reena will be responsible for major teaching and training sessions during the course. She is a CIDESCO certified graduated from Singapore. Also, Mr. Dibya will be assisting all the students in practical sessions.
What are the requirements for enrollment ?
  • We do not have pre-requisite for our diploma program. But if you have a minimum education level of SLC but not mandatory. Students with basic English and Science background can easily undertake the course. Otherwise, this course is also taught in Nepalese language.
What is the duration of Diploma in Spa Therapy Course ?
  • The total duration of course is “320″ hours. Normally the classes are run 3 hours per day. It might take 4 months – 6 months, depending upon individual competency. After every module completes, student must attend and pass exams. Students must not fail on exams.
How do I get started ?

    To get started, you need to fill this Application Form online or download and email back to us. You are required to bring following document and submit to AIPA:

  • Copy of your citizenship, passport, driving license or any identity.
  • Two passport sized photo.
  • Non-refundable registration fee of Rs.250.00 payable at the time of enrollment.

*Please note: You must be enrolled at least 1week prior to the class start date.

What are the class schedules like ?

    AIPA has a flexible class times to fit everyone.

  • Our Morning Class: 7am – 10pm, Sunday – Friday
  • Our Afternoon Class: 11pm – 2pm, Sunday – Friday
  • Our Evening Class: 2pm – 5 pm, Sunday – Friday
  • 90% attendance is mandatory for every sessions.

Will I be able to get job once qualified ?
  • Yes, but it depends. AIPA is associated with local and international hotels and day spa’s. It is our duty to inform job vacancies among student for their job. In such cases, AIPA will provide guidance in attending job interviews, finding right employer and company. If students have a good track record during theory and practical, AIPA can also recommend them for job placement.
  • But, AIPA will not process your visa related work (for international job) as we are not authorized to do so.
If I need to withdraw my training what is the refund policy ?

    Students who wish to withdraw from their course of study after enrollment, they need an application to the Principal, and mention the reason(s) for withdrawal. No verbal notice will be accepted.

  • 100% Within 7 days before the Course Commencement
  • 50% Within 7 days after the Course Commencement
  • Note – no refund is available after 14 days of enrollment.

Will it be possible to graduate in Diploma even if I am abroad?
  • Yes it is possible, even you are in Nepal for vacation. We will select you as a Fast-Track-Trainee and provide you special class hours. We will also assign you a full time model, who will join with during your training. Our Fast-Track-Training is specially designed for students who have little time and would like to complete our diploma course.
  • Instead of 3 hours per day, you’ll have 6-8 hours a day so that you can meet the necessary credit hours. Usually it is “260 hrs – 320 hrs.”
  • Please remember that our DIPLOMA is skill-based-training for abroad going students. This course is also useful for individuals who have short span of time, here in Nepal.

If you would like to meet us, we are located at Basundhara Rd. (Opposite to Kantipur Dental College). View our location map or call us at 977-01-4388041 or 9849024360